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One full-year foreign language teaching visa for people who wish to teach at public schools, private language institutes, and other educational facilities.


Required Documents
1. One paper copy of passport (MUST have remaining validity of at least 6 months)
2. Four passport sized photos
3. Original contract form with your hand sign
4. One hard copy of your resume (check for correct address & contact no.)
5. Health statement(download)
6. Apostilled diploma for Bachelor or higher degree (For Canadians: Notarized diploma from the Korean consulate)
7. Apostilled national-level original Criminal Background Check (CBC) form (For Canadians: Notarized RCMP or CPIC from the Korean consulate) NOTE: All apostilled or notarized CBC remaining validity should be less than 6 months
Visa Procedure
1. Send the required documents to ESL Consulting (SeoulESL) via FedEXor DHL courier service. Make sure to provide tracking number.
2. As soon as the documents are received, we will send them to the school on the same day and the employer will take your documents to the immigration office to apply for your Visa Confirmation number. It usually takes up to two weeks. In the meantime, please contact the nearest Korean consulate or embassy in your jurisdiction to ask about the documents required for E2 Visa and its estimate time of processing.
The basic document forms you will need to apply for E2 Visa :

  a. One completed visa application form

  b. One passport sized photo

  c. Original passport and a copy

  d. Visa processing fee (payment cost & method varies, please check before your visit)

  e. Visa Confirmation number

NOTE: British applicants are required to submit Ebola form and Consular check list form. For all applicants, additional documents might be required so please check before your visit.
3. When the Visa Confirmation number is issued, we will tell you the number. With the number and other documents required for E2 Visa, you have to go to the nearest Korean consulate of embassy in your jurisdiction to apply for E2 Visa.
4. When E2 Visa is issued, then we will book a flight to Korea and arrange a pick-up driver at the airport to take you to the school. NOTE: It may differ according to the school’s policy and condition.
After the Arrival in Korea
1. Within 90 days of your arrival date, by law, you are required to undergo a medical examination for HIV, other contagious disease, as well as the presence of any hard illegal drugs including marijuana etc. at one of the designated hospitals, and then apply for your Alien Registration Card (ARC). NOTE: Drug abuse is a very serious issue in Korea, that any applicant failing the medical examination will have both their teaching visa and employment contract cancelled immediately and the visa processing will be terminated.
2. Once your ARC is issued, you will be able to open a bank account and buy a mobile phone.


Required documents

1. Signed application form with passport photo

2. Personal essay

3. Lesson plan

4. One photocopy of passport(MUST be valid for one and half years)

5. Apostilled national-level original Criminal Background Check NOTE: Apostilled birth certificate required for British or Australian applicants.

6. Apostilledcopy of Bachelor’s degree

7. Two official sealed transcripts of Bachelor’s degree

8. Two letters of recommendations from professional and/or academic sources(MUST be valid within last two years)

9. Teaching English as a second language certificate

10. Apostilled copy of Master’s degree (Optional)

11. Two official sealed transcripts of Master’s degree (Optional)

12. Proof of full-time teaching experience from institution with exact dates (Optional)

13. Copy of teacher’s license or certificate (Optional)

14. Legal residence and proof of secondary school attendance (Optional)

15. Sworn declaration for tattoo (Optional)

16. Sworn declaration for smoking (Mandatory)

17. Sworn declaration of intent to fulfill mandatory training required for EPIK Contract (Optional)

Additional documents for EPIK-Seoul applicants
- EPIK-Seoul Attachment
- SMOE Addendum
- SMOE Contract
Additional document for Incheon Applicants
- Agreement letter for security deposit

NOTE: Duplicate of all documents except sealed transcripts must be submitted and assembled in two separate groups

Visa Procedure
1. After successfully passing the interview with EPIK, send all required documents to ESL Consulting(SeoulESL) by FedEX or DHL courier service.
2. The document package including the notice of appointment, the contract and other important details will be issued and sent to you via FedEX or DHL.
3. Meanwhile, contact your nearest Korean consulate or embassy where you are going to apply your E2 visa for EPIK or an Office of Education, and ask them about required documents and estimate time of processing in advance. NOTE: The information on their website could be old information so make sure that you call them or ask in person for accurate information,
Once you receive the document package from ESL Consulting(SeoulESL), read it very carefully and submit them to the nearest Korean consulate or embassy along with the fake rolex required documents you already prepared.NOTE: Make sure to prepare copies of your apostillednationwide criminal background check and bachelor’s degree forms. The Korean consulate or embassy may ask you to submit both documents.
4. After obtaining the E2 visa for EPIK from the Korean consulate or embassy, book an airline ticket to South Korea and inform ESL Consulting(SeoulESL) of your flight itinerary
5. Board on the plane and come to South Korea.
6. When you arrive at the International airport in South Korea, we will meet you at the airport and take you to the venue where the EPIK orientation is being held .NOTE: After booking the flight, please provide us your flight itinerary.